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We Deliver Something Different

Real Product, Real Usage, Real Price

OCCN for PHGH Always Available On Exchange To BUY

2nd ICO for OCCN-I will start soon


Sekarang Mendapatkan Keuntungan dan Penghasilan Dari Cryptocurreny Sudah Semakin Mudah Dan Aman

Bagi Teman-teman yang mau belajar Khusus tentang Crypto Currency OnCoin sekaligus berapa besar Peluang hasilnya jika mau 🤩🤩🤩, Bisa langsung Klik Tombol Dibawah Ya


100% Real User

Our Lending Platform Using PH-GH System. All Interaction happens between User-to-User

No More Lending between User with Platform Like Others


Afraid your OnCoin will losing Value?

We Will Buy Your OnCoin Back


45% For ICO,15% after-ICO and 15% for Referral & Bounties is mean for Public to own. 25% more part of OnCoin for Core Team,Advisor and partner can't be sold until 2025

No Monopoly or Fake Price

Real Use, Real Product

Marketplace Discount and Ads Platform based on Gaming Livestream is 2 Feature we will launch in 2020

Real Function, Stop Depending on Market Price Only


ONCOIN is a Platform developed by PT. Kerja Membangun Negeri officially registered with a business number 912000483256 and having its address at Bojongsoang Raya street 90b, Bojongsoang, Bandung , West Java, Indonesia.

We are aware as a company that presents a platform to the public has an obligation to provide users with a sense of comfort and security. A platform that is real and also useful, cannot be judged only by the vision and mission, but also the seriousness to be part of a society that obeys the rules. Not only focusing on providing the latest and the best, but also providing the safest and most trusted platform.

We have also published a service application full of innovation. Make it easier for all levels of society to work and also make the user more comfortable to order services

Our company is very dedicated to providing the best, as well as convenience for everyone who wants to participate. Our main principle which is full of kinship and not forgetting that goodness will be present from a system built from us, by us and for us. Without complicating anything and without any worries is a principle that we always uphold without any reason to stop.


Donny Sinambela SE., MM.


He is an experienced businessman who has successfully developed companies in various lines. Since 1994, both IT companies and also Advertising. Then he became a Developer and Property Manager in several major cities in Indonesia. He also succeeded in building a Coal Management Company in Sungai Danau, South Kalimantan. He now intervenes directly to create a better platform with his cold hands that are no doubt in concocting and carrying out business strategies.

Pieter Alfyan ST., RFP.


His firmness and ability to build his community have become a testament to the quality he has brought and made him the Agency Director of a well-known multinational insurance company in Indonesia. He also has experience in property development and network business. All these experiences make Mr.Fieter the right person as the core team that can direct and foster the ONCOIN community to be a good and even better community.

Yulianto Perwodihardjo S.kom., M.Sc

Financial Advisor

has a long career in banking and finance since 1983. He is currently active as a business consultant, financial management, investment and asset management as well as forming strategic partners in various business fields such as property, transportation, mining, plantation, agriculture, hospital, and information technology. With the rapid development of the era of digital business, the blockchain and Cryptocurrency was well followed. Using various experiences, Mr.Yulianto very capable to be an advisor in the ONCOIN Platform Development.

Frans Asmadja Wong S.Kom., M.Sc.

Business Advisor

Since 1999, he started his great steps by starting a money changer business and developing even greater business lines like Wood Working Products, Coal Mining and Property. He is very experienced as Business and Finance Advisors in Coal and Property Developer in several major cities in Indonesia make Mr.Frans someone who can be trusted as an important and crucial part in the development of this project.

Arnold Aldrich S.T., M.Kom.

IT Team

Young blood full of motivation and thirst for the use of technology to be more useful as a whole encourages Mr. Arnold to join in the development of ONCOIN. Armed with experience in the IT world ranging from Database Management to Microcontrollers encourages ONCOIN to have a system that is seamless, safe and easy to use by many people.

OnCoin Journey To Success

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